Our next REUNION is now planned for
September 6th to 9th, 2022 in Indianapolis

Preliminary contracts have been signed for our next reunion.  This is your "Distant Early Warning" notice so you can plan ahead in your schedule.  More information regarding activities, costs and other items will be available on the 2022 Reunion page

We hold annual reunions to exchange ideas, maintain friendships and try to spread the history of the United States involvement with the long and interesting history of the USAF Radar sites in Iceland.  Here we can provide you a glimpse of the activities that take place at our reunions which have taken place starting in 2003.

One of the feature presentations of our Reunions starting in 2018 was the presentation of "Quilts of Valor"  to those members of USRSI who have contributed many hours of effort to preserving and promoting the history of the USAF  and its operations in Iceland.  These quilts are hand made by a crew of volunteer quilters.  Presented below is a brief review of some of those presentations.  Note that 2020 reunion cancellation did require an "at home" presentation of the quilt. 

When you are viewing these pages be sure to click on the documents link to get more detailed information regarding the activities and background information regarding the reunions.

Appreciation blanket  copy.jpg

Quilts of Valor


Peter Holland also received a Quilt of Valor however the picture for it was damaged in transit and we are hoping to recover a useable photograph soon.