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2011 Nashville Reunion

This was the reunion that almost wasn't.  Several months before our scheduled reunion Nashville suffered a massive flood and our hotel was one of the many victims of the rising water.  The downtown area had water almost to the second story of many of the buildings and even the new home of the Grand Ole Opry was flooded.    The hotel and town businesses assured us that they would be back in full operation in time for our reunion and they most definitely did fulfill that promise.  Other than the big shopping mall near the Opry everything else that was planned for our reunion was back in full operation.  In the downtown area they even had markers showing just how high the water was.

We visited a rather unique establishment, the Wildhorse Bar for some great music and great food.  We also enjoyed a show at the just recently reopened Gand Old Opry with many famous country signing stars and musicians performing, then to complete our visit we finished our last night with a dinner cruis and and show on the General Jackson Showboat as we toured that famous Cumberland River that had caused so much damage.  We had the opportunity to take a horse drawn carriage tour of downtown if you wanted to and to take a self-guided walking tour of the downtown.  Those that came a bit early or maybe stayed a little after the reunion had a chance to tour the Hermitage, the old ante-bellum home and plantation of future President Andrew Jackson.  It was a most wonderful reunion vacation for all of us.

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