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Historic Photos from the U.S Radar Sites in Iceland

USRSImainImg1 cropped.png

Here we present a short pictorial history of the United States Radar Sites in Iceland.  The first sites began operations during World War II.  Later, in the "Cold War" years, three additional sites joined the original site.  The sites were named H-1 in the southwestern corner of Iceland rear Iceland's capitol, Rekjavik.  This is near where the 556th SAW had been headquartered.  The new sites covered the other three corners of Iceland.  H-2 was at the extreme northeast corner of Iceland.  H-3 was at the southeastern corner of the country and H-4 was at the northwestern corner.

Eventually H-2 and H-4 were shut down in the 1960's.  H-3 remained an active site till the 1990's and H-1, later moved from Rockville to Keflavik ceased final operations in 2006.  Iceland took over responsibility for the radar network and a remote controlled site is still in operation at the former H-3 location.  Clicking on the Buttons below will lead you to the photos from the various locations and eras of these US Radar Sites.  It also includes some information on the aircraft that were involved with these sites.

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