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Radar Site H-3, Hofn, Iceland

Stokkenes Peninsula, near the town of Hofn, in the southeastern corner of Iceland was the location for H-3.  This site was unique in the history of USAF Radar site in that over the course of its operational life from 1956 till 1988, this site logged more active intercepts than any other USAF AC&W Radar site in the world.  This was due in large part to the U.S.S.R's military operations in the Murmask and Archangel area of northern Russia.  It is also unique in that it was secretly scheduled for deactivation in 1960 but a very severe windstorm destroyed H-2 and an emergency change of orders moved the 667th AC&W Sq. from H-2 to H-3 where it remained activated till the site closure in September 1988.  There was also a rumor, later confirmed, that the USN detachment at H-3 was manning an underwater surveillance system used to detect Russian submarines.  More information on this is available at Maden Sosus in the H-3 Documents page.

From William Lawler:

I spent 3 60 days tours of duty at H3 as an ET3(OT) in 1972/73. I was assigned as the resident Naval Technical Advisor according to my orders. What I really was was the baby sitter for the Naval electronic equipment installed in a room off the entrance Hallway of the Tropo building. What wasn't known was that the equipment was for the Naval Facility at Kef and part of the SOSUS system. Air Force always asked what was in that room. We were required to tell them we were just there for tech support.

Due to the long life of H-3, the photo albums are split into 5 eras.  The Early Years cover the sites start till the 933rd Sq was replaced by the 667th Sq.  The Middle Years and the Later Years cover the remaining active time under the 667th till decommissioning.  The "Special" page covers 1967 and 1968 using photos from a web site devoted to only those two years.  More detailed information about life at H-3 in 1967-68 is available by clicking HERE    The End"  covers the demolition of the site and Unknown years are simply pictures received from H-3 people but without any other identifying information.
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