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H-3, The Middle Years

Hofn AFS had a long history.  Originally manned at start up by the 933rd AC&W Squadron, in 1960 a secret order was issued by HQ USAF to close H-3.  Shutdown and closing started.  H-2, which was manned by the 667th ACW Sq., was to continue operations in the northeastern corner of Iceland.  In January 1961, when H-3 was almost completely closed, a violent windstorm destroyed the H-2 site.  A decision was made to close H-2 and reactivate H-3.  The 667th AC&W Sq. moved from the closed H-2 site and assumed control of H-3.  This is referred to as the Middle Years and  is documented in photos on this page from H-3 in the 1961 to 1972 time period.  

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