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H-4  Straumnes/Latrar

This site, the last to be operational in Iceland, and the site with the shortest operational life, began in 1953 with the initial construction.  Initial cost estimates placed a $7.5 Million price tag on the site due to the very difficult transportation hardships posed by its very remote and unpopulated location in the northwestern corner of the country.  It took several years before it became fully operational in 1958.  It started with the name Straumnes which was changed in 1957 to Latrar AFS.  It also had the added hardship of having the support facilities located separately from the radar system equipment with a difficult and dangerous road going up the hillside to get to the radar tower from the base camp.  H-4 ended its short life with a secret closing order in January 1960 ending its two year operational status. 

Amazingly, there are close to 500 pictures in the photo gallery covering this site.  My guess is that there was not a whole lot to do so photography helped those stationed there pass the time till their assignment was completed.  This large inventory is split into several eras for your viewing pleasure.

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