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H-1, the first USAF Radar site in Iceland

H-1 was the first location established as a radar site and Control Center for the U.S. Air Force in Iceland.  The newly created 932nd AC+W Squadron was first manned mostly by members of the Connecticut Air National Guard because of their earlier training on how to handle cold weather and harsh living conditions.  The 27 man advance party landed in Iceland in July of 1952.  The remainder of the squadron followed in September of that year and so thereafter a crude and outdated temporary radar system was operating very near the airport.  In October of 1953 the permeant radar site, official known as H-1 Rockville, located about six miles from the Keflavik air base, became operational.  Rockville remained in operation till its final shut down in 1998 when the squadron was moved to Keflavik.  The pages below show the different eras of the 932nd's operations.

1962 has a page of its own because of the large number of pictures availble from the year.

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