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H-1, the final chapter

The long history of U.S. Air Forces involvement with radar systems came to a close with the leveling of th H-1 site at Rockville. 


The final end came to Rockville H-1 in 2004 when the bulldozers came and pretty much leveled the site.  A few remaining buildings were taken over by Icelandic authorities and are used as a drug abuser rehabilitation facility.  In June of 2006 the 932nd ACS at Keflavik was officially deactivated which brought a close to the US Radar Sites history in Iceland.  In the following years even those buildings at H-1 that had been used by the Icelandic government as a drug treatment center were shut down and the buildings leveled.  

Thanks to Dennis Stahr who was stationed at H-1 in 1967 and took a vacation trip to Iceland in 2019, we can now show you what the H-1 Rockville site looks like now.

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