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USRSI Christmas 2022

USRSI Christmas 2022

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Welcome to our site.  We are a group of USAF Veterans who maintain this web site to preserve the history of the United States involvement with the protection of our country, Iceland  and the other countries in the North Atlantic region.  We hold annual reunions to both exchange information and provide funding to continue to operate this web site and other activities preserving our history.  Please review the links below to become more familiar with our history and activities.

Also, please remember that we  do have a VOLUNTARY annual membership of $15.00 and a VOLUNTARY Life Membership of $150 to help us cover the cost of the web site and newsletters.  Any help you could provide is deeply appreciated.  If you do choose to help in this way, please send your donation to our Treasurer

Ruthann Couch, 

3250 Whitbeck Blvd     

Eugene      OR    97405-1938

Our Table of Organization link below will allow you to download a file which shows the various offices and duties involved in maintaining our operation.  It will allow you to see where your particular talents can be utilized to improve and expand our operations.

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