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The full schedule and contact info for our September Reunion is now available on the 2022 Reunion Page available HERE.   Come Join in the fun

We have just received this notice about the passing of Ira Majo from his daughter.

 Ira Majo (Al) has passed away on the 6th of April. He might have updated his information since the email was sent a short time ago. So I, his Daughter Charlene Majo, MSgt ,Ret USAF, took it upon myself to forward this information to you. I am sure he will be with you at the next reunion. He loved his time in service. Sincerely Charlene

We have initiated a long-term project to update membership records.  Many of these records contain outdated contact information.  Members may receive an e-mail or telephone request to verify contact information.  Some members have already been contacted while there are many. many more that remain to be contacted.  If you receive such an e-mail or phone call it will contain instructions as how to proceed.    Those members for whom we have a valid e-mail address have been sent an initial contact message.  If you have a valid address in our records and have not received such a message, please check your Spam filter because some mail servers have been overly  aggressive in considering our contact message as spam.

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Click on the image above to download a printable copy and registration form.

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A 40 Meter tall wave (131 Feet) struck the Southwestern coast of Iceland near the H-1 site  and Keflavik area February 6, 2022.  This is a record high ocean wave.  The map, provided by Bjorgvin Ingimarsson of the Icelandic Coast Guard, shows the green of the ocean and the black  of the land and the impact area.  The circled object is a wave monitoring buoy which was broken off its anchor by the wave.  H states that the sea state there is frequently very rough.

We have been informed of the passing of Mike Genewick (H-3 1965-65) on February 10, 2022

Several newly discovered deceased members have been found in our continuing records updating project.  They are listed on the TAPS page honoring our fallen veterans.

Obituaries for departed members, where such information is available, is included in the membership records updating process and will try to be added for viewing on the "Taps" page as the updating project continues.  Please be patient as this is a long-term project and may take several months to complete.