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We have just received this notice about the passing of Ira Majo from his daughter.  Ira Majo (Al) has passed away on the 6th of April. He might have updated his information since the email was sent a short time ago. So I, his Daughter Charlene Majo, MSgt ,Ret USAF, took it upon myself to forward this information to you. I am sure he will be with you at the next reunion. He loved his time in service. Sincerely Charlene

We have also just received news of the passing of H-1 Trailblazer Edward Grzykowski.  Obituary

With the continuing project of updating of members records several additions are added to the List of Deceased Members.

This gave us the opportunity to include obituaries for several members.   Those deceased members, where an obituary could be located, now have a link attached to their Last Name.  By clicking on that last name you can download that member's obituary.  There are only a small number of such entries because of the lack of information for most deceased members.  Please note that this is a work in progress and occasional errors may take place.  These errors will be corrected, and the list expanded as additional information becomes available.

Listed in the file below are the names of other members who we have been told that died.  The file ends with May 15, 2022.   Any additional members who we have been notified have died since are not shown.  We are in the process of trying to get the files up-to-date but it is a slow process and will need a lot of cooperation from family, and other USRSI members.  If you have any information to help update this list, please the "Contact Us" link to send us the information.
Listed below is a table of those members recently identified as deceased in the records updating project. Obituaries for these members, where available, are available in the full listing of Deceased Members. 
Listing of Deceased Members (with obituary if available)     

Recent Additions

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Although not an American Military Veteran, Valdis's obituary is listed because of his very long time service as an Icelandic employee at H-3 for 43 years and the many, many prople who served at H-3 that knew this Icelandic with a Texan Heart.

Valdi (H-3)  (May 28, 1930- May 1, 2009)