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Miscellaneous Items of H-3

This is a page where photos from the 1967-68 era at H-3 that do not fit into a better matched page are available.  There are pictures that may be taken somewhere else, like Keflavik Naval Station but the things shown relate directly to life at H-3.  One such picture is the B-57's on the flight line that were used, because of their low radar profile (early stealth???) were hard to pick up on our radars.  They would be flown at us unannounced to test our ability to detect unknown aircraft.  Then we have the Russian "Bear" bombers that were frequent flyers in our area.  We also show the remains of one of H-3's trucks that went over the edge of the mountain road.  Fortunately the airmen in the truck jumped out before the truck went over the edge.  There was also a regular Fluflag (Icelandic local air carrier) that sometimes arrived at the airort while our supply aircraft was on the ground.

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