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Here we have documents relating to the H-2 radar and US Navy site in Iceland.

Dark and Stormy.jpg
H-2 Site Icon.png
Distinguished Service Shaft. small.jpg
Patch, H-2, post 1961, Naval Installatio
Keflavik Naval Station Maintenance Patch
667 AC&W Sq Langanes AFS Area Map.jpg
Hurrt Home.jpg
H-2 Secret.png
H-2 Site Commanders.png
1969, Nov 21, from White Falcon showing

Message from Baldur J. Baldursson: "I would like to draw your attention to a landing mishap which is said to have occured in 1957 at Sauðanes airfiled in Langanes, near to H-2 radar site. Involved was a USAF C-47 aircraft carrying 27 passengers. According to the notes of the photographer, Tómas Jónsson, a main gear tire blew on landing which caused the tire to dig in to the ground and the aircraft to swing (groundloop). A catastrophe was narrowly avoided."  Three photo links were included.  Note:  These photos have also been added to the H-2 Photo Gallery for 1956-1959.

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