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H-2 1962 - End

After the inflatable radome was blown down and shredded by the 100+ MPH winds in 1961, it was decided to permanently close the USAF radar site there and move operations to H-3 at Hofn.  A small group of Air Force personell remained at H-2 to oversee the transfer of equipment and prepare the site for closure.  The U.S. Navy did remain on site with a small detachment continuing to perform highly secret duties.  These were later thought to be, but never confirmed, monitoring an undersea hydrophone network tracking the North Atlantic activities of Russian submarines.

After the Radar equipment was removed and the USAF personnel that supervised the removal and transport of the equipment back to Keflavik, another group of USAF personnel arrived at H-2 to setup and operate another secret facility.  This new facility was a seimosgraph monitoring station which monitored above ground nuclear weapons tests conducted worldwide.  We do not have any pictures of either the Navy or USAF operations following the removal of the radar equipment.  There are additional details are available in the H-2 Documents page coming soon.

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